Sung updates us on his latest projects including the reveal of FuguZ, DocZ, and his latest purchase, a Grand National. Then, Sung and Alex talk about Daniel Craig's last Bond film, No Time To Die. 

Welcome to the latest episode of the Sung's Garage Podcast! This episode, Sung and Alex talk how life has changed after Fast 9 and Sung's upcoming projects such as Star Wars, Snakehead, and Shakey Shivers. See more at

In this podcast we're joined by Jason Otterness of Chicago Auto Pros and Eric Joseph of GTechniq to talk about Sung's new official detailing kit in partnership with GTechniq.

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Justin Lin is the director of 'Fast and Furious 9', as well as 'Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift' and a selection of others. In this podcast, we talk about Fast 9, what it was like to film in a pandemic, and any potential spinoffs of the popular film series.

Justin Lin is the director of 'Fast and Furious 9', as well as 'Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift' and a selection of others. He's known Sung Kang since he directed 'Better Luck Tomorrow', and since then Sung's character 'Han' has been developed. Now, Han is back in Fast 9, so we talk about the past of the character and how he made it this far.

In this podcast, Sung Kang and Alex Harrington talk to actor and car enthusiast Lucas Black who plays Sean Boswell in Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift and now, Fast9. 

They discuss stories from behind the scenes of the films, the progression of his character, and how he feels about the success of Fast9 so far. 



In this episode we’re talking to Craig Lieberman, THE man behind the best part of the fast and furious movies, the cars. He was a consultant to the Fast and Furious films for three years helping them with the car choices, the builds, and the scripts. Plus, the orange Supra, silver Skyline, and blue Maxima from the movies belonged to Craig himself. 

This is a great episode on the behind the scenes of the films, as well as Craigs long and interesting history within the aftermarket industry. Enjoy.

In this episode with Abbie Eaton and Jorge Calado, we talk about how to become a better driver, how to deal with negativity and failure, and their new show on the Carfection YouTube channel called Track Mode where they take us around some of the greatest tracks on the planet, give us the history, and show us how to get the best time behind the wheel.


This is a great episode, we really enjoyed having them on, enjoy.

Sung Kang talks about his experience behind the wheel of the Lotus Evora and how it's changed his view on his own car collection. 


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In this episode, we talk to Ken Gushi, Formula Drift driver, racing driver, and self-proclaimed cloud maker. We discuss what it takes to be a professional driver, how to start drifting on a budget, and what Ken thinks of Sung's very own collection of cars. We even talk about Ken teaching Sung to drift and how he can become a better driver. 

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